Firefighter Peer Fitness

Newton Fire/EMS is committed to the health and safety of the community we serve. Regular physical activity is an important component to everyone’s health, including our own members.


Cardiorespiratory Fitness – The health and function of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system is related to cardiorespiratory endurance, which is the ability to persist or sustain activity for prolonged periods.


Increasing cardiorespiratory fitness through an increase in aerobic exercise, like walking or jogging, decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes by favorably modifying risk factors such as obesity, HTN, insulin resistance and elevated triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

Benefits of cardio exercise:


  • Reduction in blood pressure

  • Increased HDL cholesterol

  • Decreased total cholesterol

  • Decreased body fat stores

  • Increased aerobic work capacity

  • Decreased symptoms of anxiety, tension, and depression

  • Reduction in glucose-stimulated insulin secretion

  • Increased heart function

  • Reduction in mortality in heart attack patients

  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes

  • Decreased resting heart rate

  • Increased heart volume

  • Increased maximum cardiac output

  • Increased maximum oxygen consumption

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